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"Are You Asleep in the Final Hour of History?"


When Jesus told His disciples to "watch and pray, so you don't fall into temptation," He wasn't just warning His immediate disciples - He was warning ALL who would believe, during the final hours of human history!


We are living in the last days, yet millions are unaware of the perilous times ahead. Will you be found asleep, as the most critical moments of history are about to unfold? Or will you be found awake with your lamp burning?


Journey with us to discover God’s plan for the times and seasons we are living in, and more importantly, how we are to overcome in the midst of them!


In this book, we will:


  • Awaken to the Urgency of the Last Days
  • Discern End-Times Strategies of the Enemy
  • Gain Keys to Overcome in the Midst of Opposition
  • Prepare Our Lives for the Final Days of History


The Last Days: A Believer's Guide to Navigating & Overcoming

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