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No other key has been so greatly neglected, nor so completely forgotten, as the one God is now restoring in our generation. 


Let us rediscover the role that repentance has played in revival history, and why our neglect of it could cost us the revival we are so fervently believing and longing for!


In this book, we will:


  • Rediscover forgotten stories, words & insights from those who have carried the torch of revival in previous generations
  • Understand the biblical key of repentance and its vital role in preparing the way for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • Be awakened to eternal urgency & the power of God that is restored to those who fearlessly proclaim the original gospel
  • Understand how to prepare the way of the Lord through holiness, consecration, surrender, and individual & corporate repentance. 


How we respond to heaven's call could determine the destiny of nations and the eternity of countless souls on the earth!


Will you unlock the doors of revival for this generation?

Repentance: The Forgotten Key of Revival (Paperback)

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